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WhiteSource Pricing

WhiteSource Open Source Management - Manage the security and license risks of your open source usage

Find the Right Plan

for Your Open Source Management


$120 - $60,000

For 1 - 500+ developers / Year

For Azure DevOps only,
additional platforms coming soon

  • Real-time vulnerability alerts
  • Dependency detection including transitive dependencies
  • Detailed remediation guidance
  • License compliance
  • Native integration with Azure pipelines
  • Package scanning


$10,000 - $250,000

For 20 - 500+ developers / Year

Minimum of 20 developers

Essentials’ capabilities, plus:

  • Supports all languages, frameworks & development environments
  • Prioritization of effective vulnerabilities
  • Integrates with any package manager, build tool, or CI server
  • Containers support
  • Automatic workflows and policies


$28,000 - $350,000

For 40 - 500+ developers / Year

Minimum of 40 developers

Team’s capabilities, plus:

  • Auto fix pull requests
  • Outdated dependency update score
  • Native integration with the most common browsers, IDEs, and repositories
  • Premium support*
  • Professional services*

* Additional cost

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Compare Plans

Free Essentials Teams Enterprise
Languages and framework coverage Package managers Package managers Everything
(above 200 technologies)
(above 200 technologies)
Source files Binary only Binary only
Open source vulnerabilities management
License compliance  
Dashboards, alerts, and reports    
Unified agent access    
Issue tracker integrations (Jira/Work Items)    
Native integrations Azure DevOps pipelines & GitHub repo Azure DevOps pipelines Azure DevOps pipelines
Policies and workflows    
WhiteSource remediation solution Informative only Informative only Informative only
WhiteSource solution for prioritizing vulnerabilities    
API access    
Native integration with IDEs      
Browser integration      
Containers support    
On premises deployment       Available
Deployment support services       Available
Customizations and special development services       Available