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WhiteSource Product Overview
Code Securely and Faster with Open Source

Open Source Management Made Simple

WhiteSource advanced technology makes it easy to develop secure software without compromising on speed or agility.

Auto Detection

Check Every Component Automatically

No component overlooked. WhiteSource identifies every open source component in your software, including dependencies. It then secures you from vulnerabilities and enforces license policies throughout the software development lifecycle. The result? Faster, smoother development without compromising on security.

Effective Usage Analysis

Fix What Matters Most

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. WhiteSource prioritizes vulnerabilities based on whether your code utilizes them or not, so you know exactly what needs your attention the most. This reduces security alerts by up to 85%, allowing you to remediate more critical issues faster.

Complete Platform

WhiteSource Solution for Prioritizing Vulnerabilities

WhiteSource help you keep things in order. WhiteSource is built to streamline your open source governance. With a full layer of alerting, reporting and policy management, you are effortlessly secure and always in control.

WhiteSource Native Integrations for Developers’ Environments

This solution is uniquely designed to simplify developers’ work, while keeping the code secure. Its suite of tools helps speed up integration, find problematic components, and remediate them quickly and easily.

WhiteSource Solution for Containers

WhiteSource integrates into all stages of the container development lifecycle, including container registries and Kubernetes with automated policy enforcement for maximum visibility and control.

Automated Policy Approval

With native integration into all environments, WhiteSource enforces policies automatically, spotting problems before they surface or remediating as soon as they are detected.

Smart Prioritization

Focus on what matters. Reduce up to 85% of security alerts by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on whether your proprietary code is utilizing them, so you can address the most crucial issues first.

Real-Time Alerts

Stop risks before they start. WhiteSource alerts you immediately regarding new vulnerabilities or compliance issues to minimize your exposure to risk.

Swift Reporting

Getting reports is finally easy. WhiteSource automatically generates detailed reports using the most up-to-date data, so your information remains as accurate as possible. With automated reports, you always have the freshest data on hand, save precious time and energy, and become truly agile.

Simplifying Open Source Management

Full Visibility

View your components, their vulnerabilities, licenses, and dependencies all in one place for easier monitoring.

Effective Decision-making

Understand the impact of each vulnerability so you can easily choose the best course of action.

Intuitive Interface

All the power of WhiteSource is incredibly easy to use thanks to its clean, simplified UI.

White Source - Code Securely and Faster with Open Source

WhiteSource provides a powerful yet simple solution for companies that need to secure and manage their open source components in their applications.

Start Using Open Source Fearlessly